This site is dedicated to a very particular hobby... reconstructing Roman Legionary equipment for the Second Augustan Legion's advance into the ancient British Westcountry.

It involves a great deal of travel, study, handwork and occaisonal fun!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Reconstruction: Imperial Gallic Type D Helmet

My helmet is a reconstruction of an example found in Mainz, Germany. It is one of a group of similar finds known as the Imperial Gallic type, or on the continent, the Weisenau pattern. It was a widespread design throughout Roman Europe, and fragments dating from invasion period sites in Britain include examples from Hod Hill and Colchester.

This example from Mainz was one of the more finely made examples, with coral inlaid rivets, silver plating and a copper alloy inlaid brow band. Unfortunately it was destroyed in the Second World War by allied bombing. Today only one cheek piece and fragments of the bowl remain.

The reconstruction was made by Simon Empt of Frisius Fecit.